Types of patio swings

In my opinion and I think too many others evenings spent out in the garden on the swings or benches might be one of the most relaxing things to do. Now everyone has their own choice and they are different in what they like, so this might be the case what you like others might not. But in general, if you are looking to decorate your garden with patio furniture you should surely get a swing too, to go along with it. Here’s a guide to the types of patio swings so you can make your own choice and choose your favourite one.

Basic wood swings

These swings are the simplest ones from the list they are usually what comes in mind when you first think about outdoor swings. They are made of wood with a simple design and a brown colour mostly varying in dark or light. They easily go along with most types of patio furniture and wouldn’t give you a hard time deciding what style to pick and etc. They are probably the least expensive in the list and easily go along with the classic look if you have an image of setting up your furniture that way.

Patio swing offers the simple style swings on their website, it can be hung by a tree, porch or a stand of some sort which you can order or get it made custom for you. The good thing about the simple benches are, they are usually not coloured but in simple word so that you can choose the colour yourself matching your outdoor furniture.

Swings with canopies

The benches which are equipped with a shade do not need any stand they have their own support since the shade is also attached to it. They usually have foam seating, unlike the wooden swings which are hard to sot on unless you get cushions for it. These are usually a little more on the expensive side. In my opinion, though their prices are justified by the quality of the benches. They give as much as they cost. This type of swings is more modern compared to the wooden swings and go perfectly with the elegant look if you’re looking for a simple yet eye-catching design.

Exotic and unique designs

Other than the categorized swings there are some designs that cannot be but into a specific group but instead, they are unique in their own way and can be appreciated for their unusual yet luxurious style. Whether you are looking for simple and affordable wooden benches or if you are looking for something more elegant like the canopy benches or if you’re looking for something really unqiue which catches your eye and you don’t see it that often, you easily find them on websites which sell patio swing.


If you decide to decorate your garden and put up outdoor furniture in it getting a patio swing is a kind of mandatory. It’s not like someone forces you to it’s your own choice but the patio swing completes the look of the patio furniture. It doesn’t take up much space and is an easy cheap decoration which makes your garden instantly look a lot better.